The NexLight Solution

Whether it's custom residential lighting or scalable office solutions, NexLight provides low-voltage lighting systems for every need. Offices, schools, industrial facilities, sports arenas. You name it, we light it with maximum ease, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

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NexLight Benefits
Easy to install, easy to change. NexLight combines a powerful feature set with an elegantly simple two-wire design that is unique in the industry. Switches are field changeable, with an IR addressing tool that makes setting relays, groups, presets, and dimmers a breeze. You can even personalize control for individual spaces.

Needs change and facilities change - on almost a daily basis. The NexLight system changes along with you at any time, whether you're designing, installing, or operating. Switch functions are assigned with a wireless tool; no need to remove them from a wall. Need to add a button or move a wall? No problem it's just two wires.

Value is important, and NexLight delivers. Compared to traditional low-voltage lighting control systems, NexLight combines the broadest selection of switch styles and relays in the industry with the lowest installed cost.

Does saving energy appeal to you? By controlling your entire lighting system, NexLight provides energy efficiency by eliminating unnecessary use and ultimately lowering your energy cost.

The NexLight Solution


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