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BMS Portel Pro  System Integration Unit (SIU)

The System Integration Unit (SIU) is a flexible communications device that combines the functions of a router, a gateway, and a supervisory controller. As a router, its three communication ports can be configured to route communications between various combinations of Ethernet, EIA-232, and EIA-485 networks. As a gateway, it can provide seamless translations for two-way communications between industry standard protocols such as BACnet®, Modbus, LonWorks®, JBUS, or Johnson N2 Bus, as well as an extensive list of proprietary protocols. WebPRTL fully supports EIKON®, a powerful graphical programming tool that can be used to create value added, global control strategies between systems.

WR3330  Web Server Unit

The Web Server allows you to program and control the NexLight System via an Internet browser. May be connected to a local PC via an Ethernet crossover cable. Other connection options; the local intranet or over the internet from any location. Optional graphics package available for floor plan based controls. Intergal Astro-Time Clock. Provides the user with error and use logs. Multiple user levels with password protection.

WR3387  Network Control Unit (NCU)

The NexLight Network Control Unit (NCU) is a system level device used to interface between various hosts and the NexLight Lighting Control System. The NCU connects to the Lighting Control System through the NexLight Local Interface Unit (LIU).

WR3388  Local Interface Unit (LIU)

The Local Interface Unit (LIU) is a system level device used to interface between the NexLight Network Control Unit (NCU) and the WRT2050 Transmission Unit (CPU) that generates the 2-wire Bus communications.


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