0-10V Dimming Expansion Panel

NXL-00P5 0-10V Dimming Expansion Panel

The NexLight® NXL-00P5 is a Dimming Expansion Accessory Panel that allows for the easy addition of 0-10V Dimming Channels to the NexLight Lighting Control System. The small enclosure can easily be mounted in the controlled space or wherever additional 0-10V channels are required. The use of 0-10V for Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) can be achieved by using the 0-10V Control provided in this solution. There is no transformer for control power, the only control power required is supplied by the NexLight 2-Wire Data Bus. The NXL-00P5 provides up to 8 Channels of 0-10V Sinking for either CCT or Dimming applications. This panel includes a Surface Mount NEMA/Type 1 Enclosure with a flat cover secured by screws.

Resources (0-10V Dimming Expansion Panel):

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