Custom Panels

NexLight's innovative 2-Wire bus puts controls where you need them, overcoming the limitations of panel-centric designs. Relays and dimmers are no longer restricted to panel-mounting only, and a variety of multi-function switches are only 2-Wires away from one-touch control of any or all relays and dimmers.


At a glance indicators display true ON or OFF status of lights, at local wall switches, remote monitoring stations, or central control locations, and even at the relay itself. More important still is reliability, and in this critical area NexLight is simply unbeatable, with components designed and manufactured to handle all load types.


Ideal for small, medium, or large applications, NexLight is the low-voltage lighting control system of choice for offices, schools, industrial/manufacturing, sports or entertainment, correctional, health care, hospitality, retail, public facilities, and more. The system's modularity enables it to be expanded easily to incorporate the largest of projects. Powerful features such as grouping of loads, scene setting, and dimming take the system beyond that of simple on/off control. On a 2-Wire bus, any number of relays can be grouped together via addressing logic. On the same bus, pattern setting (preset) capability makes it possible to include any number of on/off and dimmed loads into scenes. 

Product Categories (Custom Panels)

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