PS-SWX-250-2 Series Daylight Sensors

Line Voltage PS-SWX-250-2 Series Daylight Sensors


NexLight photocell sensors control lighting according to measured ambient lighting in a space. Basic on/off units signal a connected power pack to turn lights off when ambient levels are high enough that desired overall light levels are maintained.


Units with the daylight harvesting (dimming) option track a space’s overall illumination and dim connected lighting to achieve energy savings. During times of high daylight contribution to a space, controlled artificial lighting will be gradually dimmed to a minimum dimmed level. During times of no or low daylight contribution, controlled artificial lighting will increase back up to its maximum level. The sensor can also be configured to switch lighting off completely in maintained high daylight conditions. Additional configurable parameters include high & low trim levels and fade rates.


All photocells provide the option of selecting the ambient light threshold (e.g., setpoint) from a range of preset values or running an auto-selection mode where the unit will determine the setpoint based on the measured amount of light it is controlling.


Resources (PS-SWX-250-2 Series Daylight Sensors):

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